Our Online Courses

Transform your Life: In daily 30min self-paced learning by doing activities you will work constructively towards the best possible life and career plan.

In every crisis there is opportunity’ – Now is the time to become the best version of yourself.
This 22-day stimulus package supports your recovery, helps you to adapt and restart to a changing world.
You’ll better master the transition from old normal to new normal by reinventing yourself.
Make it your key priority to emerge from the crisis stronger than before. Stay positive.

Let’s work on the most important project of all – your life.

Combined 3 week online courses:
Positive Psychology, Health and Resilience in Difficult Times
(33% Discount for combined course package)

3 week online course:
Positive Psychology and Resilience in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty.

3 week online course:
How to stay healthy and strong in difficult times?

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